Friday, July 1, 2016

Great Big Sea - Captain Kidd

LC Scotty left a comment pointing to these guys.  It's full of win for a holiday weekend.  If your toes don't tap listening to this then maybe we can't be friends anymore.


Unknown said...

you haven't lived until you've heard their "Mary Mac's Mother's Makin' Mary Mac Marry Me"

Laura said...

Sigh. Still wishing they hadn't split up. I understand their reasons but they made such fantastic music together.

Pretty much all of The Hard and The Easy is good stuff.

Oh, and if you like them enough, check out Carbon Leaf.

libertyman said...

I think I have one of their LPs somewhere still. They remind me of Schooner Fare. I will be seeing Schooner Fare in a couple of weeks on Peaks Island, if you want to come up to Portland.

Great music!

Read Richard Zack's The Pirate Hunter for the story of Captain Kidd -- the Brits hanged the guy and he was no pirate, just double crossed by the Crown. What else is new?

All the best.