Thursday, July 7, 2016

Smartest Kids in Class

Spotted by the Queen Of The World.  You could add that she takes money from foreign governments that deny rights to women and execute homosexuals, but there isn't room for all the hypocrisy in the caption.


Differ said...

There appear to be to be five possibilities for why Come backed off.
1 there was no crime - not true
2 there was insufficient evidence to prosecute - his diatribe on her actions suggests otherwise
3 personal interest - he was bought off, or he's rabidly partisan enough to abdicate his responsibility
4 national interest - he worked out or was informed of the enormity of the consequences to the nation if he recommended prosecution.
5 personal survival - he or his family were threatened.
#4 still points to character - follow the evidence and do the right thing....surely the short term damage would be less than the long term consequences of sweeping it under the rug.
#5 also points to character. Threaten the family of a righteous man and you'd better keep one eye open at all times.....or just kill him like all the others.....
Yeats Second Coming seems apt these days.

Nonesuch River 1758 said...

Some (but, surely not Nonesuch River) might point out that several million people voted for That Other Democrat, some of whom, presumably, are liberals. Some (again, not Nonesuch River) might even point out that some millions of liberals might have votes for HRC as the lesser of the evils (we don't go the voting booth with the candidates we want - we go with the candidates we have). Some might even point out that similar graphics could easily be found for the Presumptive Republican, for whom all the statements except the last two are equally applicable (if not more so).

But Nonesuch River would rather ask a salient question : is it possible for reasonable people to reasonably differ? Is it possible to disagree without being disagreeable?