Monday, May 16, 2016

What do you call the Windows 10 Start Menu?


What a sucking chest wound of fail.


Old NFO said...

I'm not loading it... I'll die on Win 7 Pro, when it's gone, it will be all MAC all the time!

Brigid said...

I got 10 because I absolutely loathed 8. It's a pain to navigate and find pictures on.

Dan said...

Great news! Add to that the announcement DoD is upgrading every PC to W10. Hooah...

Arthur said...

Define 'Fail'.

If 'Fail' is defined as 'We Sell more Crap for Lots of Cash' then M$ will be happy to fail all day long.

Ted said...

Yes. 10 is an anoying layer of useless "infotainment" if one more effort to find a system that is "all things to all people".

However , Once you do get used to it and use it regularly for a year or so it becomes more usable. It also helps if you have multiple monitors and touch screens.

It does seem more stable and I can finally actually use all the memory and speed of my hardware.

I now can have live streaming on one screen while I'm remoteing into my office system on another screen. With my " local " files open on a third

It only took a year to get to this point