Tuesday, May 10, 2016

That car is so fast ...

... it gets you the express lane to jail:
Spanish police have traced and cuffed a driver who live streamed a Madrid ring road burn-up during which he hit 195km/h (121mph) and narrowly avoided taking out several other vehicles. 
The unnamed speed merchant used Periscope to transmit his night-time high-speed exploits, then ill-advisedly shared the footage on his Twitter account, along with other video of himself consuming narcotics.
Periscope is an app that live streams video from your phone.  Our hero live streamed the evidence that will be used against him in a Court of Law, it seems.

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Jeff Wood said...

British cops are pretty useless these days. They spend too much time chasing up "hate" crimes and political incorrectness.

However, occasionally they do some proper policing, without leaving the station.

At the crime scene, they decide whether the perpetrator is an Idiot. If so, the rozzers return to the station and round up the usual suspects - on Twatter and FaceAche.

Again and again, the Idiots boast of their crimes on social media, and are lifted complete with their confessions.