Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Trumpy McTrumpyface

Someone had to say it ...

I'm also just following along at home for amusement: the whole thing looks like the optimates vs. the populares, not the Founding Fathers.  I will likely vote because the Queen Of The World is more filled with civic spirit than I, but it may be another vote for Gary ("Who?") Johnson.  It would be kind of cool if John McAfee became the Libertarian Party candidate - we could use a platform of hookers and cocaine.

But looking at the yelling about The Donald, I'm struck by his support from the working class.  The best I can figure is that while he's a rich guy, he's the only one who's pushing Poor People's Leftism.  That link is worth a read.


Bob said...

I've been viewing Trump and Hillary in Wizard of Oz terms - - he being the Great and Powerful Humbug who makes promises he can't possibly keep, and she being...well, the Wicked Witch.

Another way to view him is as the 21st Century P.T. Barnum - - who was, of course, the model for the Wizard of Oz.

The choice comes down to this: if Hillary wins, we'll all be eating gruel, and damn well better like it; if Trump wins, we'll at least be entertained: as Maximus Decimus Meridius once shouted to adoring fans, "Are you not entertained?"

R.K. Brumbelow said...

Trump I'd a narcissist leading a populist movement. His presidency does not bode well for long term America, but Clinton's is worse, at least in the short term.

I am not convinced we should not let it all burn, then wrk to rebuild from the ashes.

I am also not convinced that a meeting of all the governors of the states, resulting in a 2+ way dissolution of the grand experiment would not be a bad thing either.

Arthur said...

"I am not convinced we should not let it all burn, then wrk to rebuild from the ashes.

I am also not convinced that a meeting of all the governors of the states, resulting in a 2+ way dissolution of the grand experiment would not be a bad thing either."

So...Pro-Trump or not?

I'm personally pro NukeTheFed.

End the Federal Government entirely. The only reason it was created was to perform the same duties it absolutely refuses to perform today.

If electing Trump helps to burn the fed to the ground then I'm all for it.

R.K. Brumbelow said...

Trump is a wrong choice for America, but he may be the choice America gets. Fortunately I can still vote for Castle in 2016 so I do not have to vote for either Clinton or Trump.

America will elect who she deserves, sad but true.

Rick C said...

Re: burning it down

That sure has a great historical record of replacing "it" with a vastly-improved situation, like how the Russian Czars were followed by the Communists, or how the French Revolution ushered in an era of enlightenment.

R.K. Brumbelow said...

Rick you are confusing the ash phase with the completely rebuilt phase. When Rome fell did it instantly become enlightenment Europe? You see, it takes time to burn, time to recover. Asimov's foundation was to take thousands of years to emerge from the fallen Galactic Empire. Heck if you want to be really truthful, what tends to appear and be better has for the last few thousand years steadily moved west, so the next great nation will likely not be Amerika but an Asian nation who overthrows their government an institutes improved freedom.

Fact is we are boned either way. The question is which way makes the coming dark years the least bad for the most people. I know that sounds awfully utilitarian of me, but given the way things have gone today politically in Georgia, I am just hoping whomever is next will use some Vaseline or KY because it looks like they just asked us to choose between a stiptic pen or rock salt and neither one is going to call me in the morning.

matism said...

I would note that Trump is the ONLY candidate who is even remotely likely to deal appropriately with the corruption in this country's government, at ALL levels. Furthermore:

China hates Trump.
Mexico hates Trump.
Japan hates Trump.
Merkel hates Trump.
Cameron hates Trump.
Draghi hates Trump.
Hollande hates Trump.
The "Pope" hates Trump.
Lyin' Ryan hates Trump.
Post Turtle Hates Trump.
Mittens hates Trump.
Every one of the Shrubs hate Trump.

Now maybe they all merely want what's best for the United States, and are desperately trying to warn Mere Citizens against making a terrible mistake. Or maybe they are corrupt sewage who realize their good times are about to end. I know which way the smart money bets.

What would truly be great is if Trump stepped outside the political circle to choose his running mate. I would suggest this man:

When Trump wins the election, he could send the general to our allies and enemies to explain the new facts of life. The Media - both foreign and domestic - would have a difficult time caricaturing the general, based on his proven record. In the meantime, Trump could concentrate on cleaning out the Augean stables of this country's government, since he already knows the problems and their cures. How about Andrew Napolitano for AG? Can you imagine the panic if he were to do that?

Ken said...

If Trump deals "appropriately" with the corruption in this country's government, it will be only because he abhors competition.