Monday, May 23, 2016

But who will protect those who protect the whistleblowers?

If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear:
But there is another man whose story has never been told before, who is speaking out publicly for the first time here. His name is John Crane, and he was a senior official in the Department of Defense who fought to provide fair treatment for whistleblowers such as Thomas Drake – until Crane himself was forced out of his job and became a whistleblower as well.
His testimony reveals a crucial new chapter in the Snowden story – and Crane’s failed battle to protect earlier whistleblowers should now make it very clear that Snowden had good reasons to go public with his revelations.
During dozens of hours of interviews, Crane told me how senior Defense Department officials repeatedly broke the law to persecute Drake. First, he alleged, they revealed Drake’s identity to the Justice Department; then they withheld (and perhaps destroyed) evidence after Drake was indicted; finally, they lied about all this to a federal judge.
In other news from the Surveillance State, General Clapper is still not in prison for committing perjury before congress.


Old NFO said...

Nobody... that is the short answer.

Ken said...

Like everything else in this Nation of Men, it depends on whose whistle is being blown.