Friday, May 6, 2016

So the cops need high tech tools to catch terrorists, right?

Police use Stingray cell phone tracker to try to catch dude that stole $50 of chicken wings.

Color me unimpressed with the pleadings for more intrusive searches to stop bin Laden.


SiGraybeard said...

First law: any law passed for any purpose, no matter how "noble" or important sounding, gets extended to the absurd and used whenever it's convenient.

Old NFO said...

No me neither... sigh

Archer said...

As a follow-up to SiGraybeard: Never pass any law or implement any "tech" solution that you aren't willing to let your opponents control. Eventually, they will be in a position to use it against you.

Guffaw in AZ said...

Unlike armed drug dealers, probably easier to capture! And less dangerous.
Nor unlike the IRS only going after tiny tax scofflaws, because the big corporate types have expensive attorneys!


matism said...

More like, Guffaw in AZ, they go after the tiny tax scofflaws because the big scofflaws - corporate and otherwise - own the politicians who sign the IRS paychecks.

The IRS is no different from "Law Enforcement" in this country. Not one of them bothered to come forward about Lois Lerner, even though what she ordered was every bit as criminal as what BATFE ordered across the country.