Thursday, May 26, 2016

Hillary gets schlonged

If the Obama administration wanted to delay the State Department's Inspector General report they could have.  They didn't, which means that not only do they not care what damage this will do to their party's front runner, they are actively complicit in that damage.

And it's a lot of damage:

  • This report was released during the middle of the week.  The administration is famous for releasing bad news on Friday, where nobody will pay much attention because of the weekend and after that it's "old news".  This is the talk of, well, pretty much everyone.
  • The California primaries are next week.  Sanders was neck and neck with Clinton and those polls were before this report came out.  It's quite possible that Bernie wins California which would mean that Hillary would go to the convention looking like a loser even if she gets the nomination.
  • The FBI will not be under pressure to ask for an indictment.  This won't be able to be delayed until the election, so either she gets a perp walk or she looks like a political fix was in.  She loses either way.

She's toast.  I simply can't see how she beats Trump in November with this.  Of course, I haven't thought she could beat him anyway - she's simply an apallingly bad candidate - but "Crooked Hillary" will stick.

So the question is: what's the Administration's motivation?  Obama can't stand Hillary, but that's not enough reason to drop this bomb.  Bernie would almost certainly need Obama's support, so there would be leverage for Obama in a Sanders administration.  Of the administration of a white knight:

Or not.

I must confess that I don't understand the motivations, and that sort of bothers me.


Goober said...

I don't either, but I think it is going to hurt like hell when we finally figure it out

matism said...

I suspect that Obama wants violence in the streets, courtesy of Sanders followers and Illegal Aliens and Soros' paid minions. He thinks he can make it bad enough to "delay" the election.

He understands that hive leaders will NOT tell their "Law Enforcement" to defend against the terror, as long as the violence is being done by Preferred Species. Of course, if anyone else dares take to the streets, "Law Enforcement" will do whatever is necessary to stop them. As usual, because this country's "Law Enforcement" will do WHATEVER they are told, as long as that paycheck keeps comin' in.

Kristophr said...

Maybe the FBI is revolting?

Kristophr said...

Or other we-bes in the administration?

( "We be here when you arrive. We be here when you are gone ..." )

Phil said...

That headline you wrote begs for buckets of Mind Bleach for the image it evokes.

On the other hand, Obama had to have told someone to take the gloves off and the mental image of Hildebeast slowly twisting in the vortex of political back stabbing gamesmanship is quite enjoyable.

Ratus said...

The motivation is not that hard to see BP. Someone in the administration has a hate-on for Hills, whether it's O or the real prez VJ. They wanted to suck all the air and money out of her campaign that they could so when they parachute in Creepy Joe he looks like the reasonable choice.

Borepatch said...

Phil, it was a reference to a Trump comment.

Ratus, that was what this post started out as, but I simply don't think that Slow Joe would stand a chance. This year is an outsider's election (see Trump and Sanders). Joe is as insider as it gets. And I simply can't believe that a lot of (and maybe a majority of) Sanders' supporters would vote for him.

And so, I don't get the motivation. Sure, they hate Clinton, but there's a strategy where they see an upside for them. I don't, and that is somewhat disturbing.

Ratus said...

I didn't say they were smart or that it would work any better then ¡Jeb!.

It's more like "If you like your candidate, you can keep your candidate."

Ted said...

The O's can't stand the Clintons and don't trust them to continue "The One's" work and the Clintons would certainly try to take any credit away from Obama for anything "positive" and be sure to blame him for any future problems coming home to roost after he leaves. So yes the timing is deliberate and meant to torpedo Hillary

Obama may believe that Bernie is more in line with is views anyway.

Joe would be sure to loose even bigger than Hillary -- so that's not going to happen.

I suspect his plan is to let Trump win a single Term, sit back and blame Trump for when the real numbers come to light then Run Michelle ( since VJ's not eligible )

Joseph said...

A possibility: Obama wants Scalia's seat on the SCOTUS.

GuardDuck said...

The hate lefties have for other lefties who are 'The Other' is more important than the hate they have for the right. See: Commie/Nazi.

Combine that with Obama and his groupies continuing exhibition of the Dunning-Kruger effect and you have a perfect storm of trying to destroy the hated one with a enhanced opinion of their ability to create a win out of the mess.

Of course that's just my own personal day dream come to life.

EMS Artifact said...

Biden/Warren 2016!

Joe could very well win the general election against Trump. Biden is a dope, but he's a likeable dope to many people.

The media likes Biden and being mostly Democrats will work as hard to cover up all of his gaffes as they did to turn GW Bush's minor ones into major evidence of his stupidity.

Warren of course can fake being a socialist just as well as she faked being an Indian.

I'd rather have Sanders or Shrillary running against Trump.