Sunday, September 20, 2015


I read the recent poll on drug testing Congress and laughed.  The Queen Of The World asked what's up:
Me: New poll says that 78% of Americans want members of Congress to have to have random drug testing.

The Queen: Well, sure.  Who doesn't?

Me: Well, they pass all these drug laws.  Why shouldn't they have to pee in the cup?

The Queen: They should have to put their pee where their mouth is.

Me: Ewww.  Not saying that you're wrong, but ewww.
Heh.  You can have any sort of sense of humor that you want when you are Queen Of The World.


LSP said...

The sooner they follow that good advice the happier we'll be.

libertyman said...

I suggest drug testing and breathalyzer tests for all elected officials.

I think the results would scare you.