Sunday, September 20, 2015

Giuseppe Matteo Alberti - Concerto for violin, strings & b c in G minor

Many people think that people in the past were less intelligent, or interesting than people today.  They clearly don't know about Giuseppe Matteo Alberti, a baroque Italian choirmaster who was married six times (!).

Ah, amore.

Sadly, the sum total about Signore Alberti's love life at il Wik is this:
He also was married six times.

His music was pure baroque.  If you like Vivaldi, you'll like this.


Old NFO said...

I thought it WAS Vivaldi! :-)

Cecil Henry said...

We stand and all too often rest on the shoulders of the great white men and women of Western Civilization.

We should not forget that. IT will be to our loss and theirs

libertyman said...

Another "new" guy -- many thanks for the enlightenment.

Chickenmom said...

Lovely! Thank you!