Saturday, September 5, 2015


I've been having a recurring dream where I'm taking a Real Estate Agent through my house so I can get it listed.  But there are a whole series of rooms that I didn't know about.  In my dream I keep saying "I've never been in this room before" - and the realtor typically says "And it needs a good cleaning".

I'm not sure if the dream means that my subconscious thinks I'll sell the house for more than I thought, or if cleaning will be harder than I thought.  Or both.

Or maybe it's just the fumes from Formula 409 ...


Old NFO said...

Yeah, went through that with my place... It's the fumes!

Mrs. Borepatch said...

You chucked the cat out with the bathwater. I always thought you loved the cat. I guess the new Queen of the Castle doesn't. At least I hope she has figured out where she stands in relation to the dog. Never try and get rid of the dog. He will get rid of you first.