Thursday, September 3, 2015

Court strikes down Tom Brady's 4 game suspension

Says it violates the NFL's collective bargaining agreement.


ray said...

Bill Belicheat and the (aptly named) Patriots are the biggest scammers in professional sports. The New Amerikan solution to cheating and lying is legalistic obfuscation and procedural bullshit. I can be as dishonest and scummy as I want, as long as I've got enough money afterwards to put everything into legal limbo. Until I can find a judge who will go along with my lies.

New Amerika's chosen heroes are about as inspiring as New Amerika itself.

burt said...


I suppose it's "more likely than not" that you're jealous of the Pats...

ray said...

Sure, Burt. It's not the decade of rule-shaving and cheating by Belichek and Brady and the Pats that irritated me. It's not the smug grin of Twotongue Tom as he hero-dupes his way out of another lie, playing to the cameras.

It's that, like you say, I've dedicated my life to destruction of the Patriot football team. That's what motivates me.

You've chosen a hero after your own mores. How clever for a little bitch.