Friday, September 11, 2015

National Review: still idiots

Trump doesn't use the words "Freedom" or "Liberty":
Did you ever think you would see the day when the GOP front-runner rarely uttered the words “freedom” and “liberty”?

Perhaps some Republicans can be accused of loving liberty and freedom too much — or at least using those words as rhetorical crutches. Donald Trump is not one of them. The current GOP presidential front-runner rarely uses the words “freedom” or “liberty” in his remarks at all.
Yeah, well so what?  Since when has the Republican Party stood for freedom and liberty?
  • USA Patriot Act rushed into law in 45 days after 9/11, containing a grab bag of power for the Police State - thank you, GOP.
  • NSA domestic surveillance using secret warrants in a secret court, started under a GOP administration.  And this super spying couldn't prevent the Ft. Hood massacre or the Boston Marathon bombing.  Thank you, GOP.
  • General Clapper perjured himself under oath before Congress denying domestic spying.  He's still a free man man.  Thank you, GOP.
  • The TSA gropes my junk every time I fly.  The TSA was started under a Republican administration.  Thank you, GOP.
  • Lois Learner is still a free woman.  The GOP won't do anything about it, because they hate the Tea Party.  Thanks, guys.
  • Republicans swept to control of Congress promising to repeal Obamacare, which tells me that I have to purchase as much of a product that I don't want as the Fed.Gov says.  The GOP won't do anything about it.  Thanks, guys.
At this point I'm about ready to vote Democrat.  The GOP will still vote for all the things that will take away my freedom, but they will weep and rend their garments when they do.  At least the Democrats will be happy when they cast their vote - may as well vote against the Congressional Theatre Troupe.

And nobody at National Review has the two brain cells it took to rub together to arrive at this conclusion?  Good golly.


Cecil Henry said...

Respectable conservatives are death..

Just a cuckservative in disguise.

Anonymous said...

Ah, there we go. The old 'patch is back, with his boundless acerbicity. A nagging void in our spiritual universe has been refilled.

Not so sure about that next-to-last paragraph, though. A vote for the "other" evil is still evil, even whenceforth cast in spite.

Just write in somebody. I'll write in your name, you write in mine. We'll cancel each other, but at least it makes the statement: "Neither of you establishment idiots get my vote, but damned if I'll just accept the default either".

There is an absurd joy in watching the "establishment right" wring their hands in despair, in any case.

ShallNOTBeInfringed Original said...

" A nagging void in our spiritual universe has been refilled........"

Here, Here!

Jim said...

This is why Trump is leading. Rank and file conservatives don't believe Republican candidates or the GOP elite actually stand for anything but self-aggrandizement anymore. The Republican party is dead, it just don't know it yet.

There is no reason to vote Democrat. Just write in your dog. Don't have to be yellow.

matism said...

National Review is nothing more than a bunch of Rove Republican swill. Just like Fox News. Expecting anything more than the party line from either entity is pure folly.

Will said...

I reached my limit a while back. I quit holding my nose to avoid the stench of voting for the Lessor of Two Evils(TM), back when that a'hole McCain was running. History shows it doesn't work. Still evil results. Put a fork in it, the GOP is done.