Saturday, November 14, 2009


Everyone makes mistakes. Out of the crooked timber that is man, nothing straight was ever built.

Miss Teen South Carolina made a very public mistake, a couple years back:

38 Million page views on that one, according to YouTube. I'd say that qualifies as "very public". And too bad, too. It seems that Caitlin Upton is a pretty bright young lady, with a pretty good sense of humor. Someone, in other words, who would deserve a shot at Redemption.

Like this:

From Tosh.0, one of the kid's favorite shows. (warning: annoying automatic video with idiotic commercial at the link)

UPDATE 14 November 2009 09:08: Embedding is broken, and the code is so convoluted that it may take a while to fix. These Comedy Central Intarwebz guy needs to get a clue about making his content easy to share. And to not embed links to "Nude Demi Moore". I don't run that kind of joint, buster.

UPDATE 14 November 2009 09:21: OK, got it working. I guess the geniuses at Comedy Central think that "broken, intrusive, and sneaky" is another way of saying "edgy". Not funny, dude.

If anyone thinks I'm joking about the Demi Moore thing, you can go get the embed code from them yourself here.


Paladin said...

Ha :) The last minute makes it worth watching.

I didn't pay much attention one way or the other when this was all the rage... but now that I see her able to laugh at herself I really like the girl.

ASM826 said...

I lost interest in Demi when she and Bruce broke up and she took up with that kid that starred on "That 70's Show."

But what else ya' got? Don't make me go to Google...