Saturday, November 7, 2009

Australian PM: Borepatch "too dangerous to be ignored"

Well, "Climate Change Deniers", anyway. It's an honor simply to be nominated:
Climate change deniers are small in number, but they are too dangerous to be ignored. They are well resourced and well represented by political conservatives in many, many countries.
That's me. Dangerous! Especially with the bushel baskets of cash I get every month from the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, Scientific Denier Department.
And the danger they pose is this by collapsing political momentum towards national and global action on climate change, they collapse global political will to act at all. They are the stick that gets stuck in the wheel, that despite its size may yet bring the train to a complete stop.
No need to thank me. It's all part of being a Full Service blog. Thanks for letting me know I make a difference - sometimes it seems that nobody notices.
If Copenhagen does not deliver the outcome we so urgently need, no individual climate change skeptic will be responsible, but each of them will have played their part.
Dude - can I call you "Dude"? - there's no need to be insulting here. I've worked hard on this, and I want full credit.
Climate change skeptics in all their guises and disguises are not conservatives. They are radicals.
Certainly I'm not a Conservative. But I'm not a Liberal or a Libertarian, either. Radical! I'm pretty sure that we used that term to try to get chicks into the sack, back in the 1970s* - so, cool.
They are reckless gamblers who are betting all our futures on their arrogant assumption that their intuitions should triumph over the evidence.
Oh, rather than the lousy data on Anthropogenic Global Warming? Or those who refuse to release their data so that other scientists can check it? Or the lack of congruence with the climate historical record? Couldn't possibly be scheming politicians who see the opportunity for a power grab.
The logic of these skeptics belongs in a casino, not a science lab, and not in the ranks of any responsible government.
Fortunately for my (hypothetical) employment prospects, irresponsible governments seem to be legion these days.

Now look, I realize that a Prime Minister (of any country) has about as much likelihood of understanding science as he has of understanding, say, economics. But it would be nice to have an intellectual discussion on this at a level where the AGW crowd can fog a mirror. Instead, it's "The science is settled" and "Hey you deniers - get off my lawn!"

Yeah, I know - complaining about low watt bulb politicians is howling at the moon. Fortunately not really needed any more. Besides, it's the first chance I've had to fisk a Prime Minister!

* Um, hypothetically speaking, of course.

Hat Tip: Roger Pielke.

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native said...

Right there with ya' Borepatch!
I haven't believed a word of what the Gore-nites have been saying since this all began.

You see, I distinctly remember when "I" was also a wee lad back in 2nd through 7th grades in "63 to "67 when we were being told that we were entering into another Ice Age.

I remember when then, Senator Barry Goldwater was running for President and with him addressing our class in Jacksonville Florida.
He, was also concerned about the impending Ice Age and what his plans for halting or even stopping it encompassed.

As a former Republican (registered since "80) I no longer believe anything coming out of their lying mouths!

We the people have become like an old dish rag which the left and the right hold each end in their respective hands, then they repeatedly dunk us in the dirty dishwater, then wring us dry over and over again.