Monday, March 16, 2009

Ever wonder why there are so many felonies?

So that the Federales will get you to cop to a lesser offense, instead of fighting a ridiculous charge:

A Los Angeles man who pleaded guilty in December to illegally uploading nine Guns N’ Roses songs onto his music site could be thrown in the slammer for six months if federal prosecutors in the case get their way.

Kevin Cogill was arrested last summer after posting tracks on 18 June from GNR’s album Chinese Democracy to his Antiquiet website. He saw the copyright violation charge against him reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor after he admitted to streaming the pre-release tunes.

A felony for uploading nine tracks? Felony?

The only way that this is remotely understandable is Congress selling votes taking campaign contributions from the music industry fat cats.

Sit down, shut up, and don't get in the way of your betters, or they'll throw you in Club Fed.

God save this honorable republic.

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