Sunday, January 29, 2023

Frederick Delius - Florida Suite

Today is the birthday of English composer Frederick Delius, who lived in the American South when he was young and picked up a sense of "American Themes: during that time.  If you like Greig or Wagner, you'll like this.

His Florida Suite hearkens back to his days managing an orange plantation in, well, Florida. 


libertyman said...

Very nice -- I had never heard of the guy. I just ordered a set of DVDs by Ken Russell and one of the movies he did for the BBC was about Delius. Another was about Elgar which I would like to see as well.

As always a treat on a Sunday morning here in NH.Thank you for doing this.

blogger said...

You are very welcome, libertyman. I know that you like these.


- Borepatch

BobF said...

Have never heard of him, nor of his/this work. I just finished it on my headphones while working on my taxes. Very relaxing and helpful. Thank you!!

Unfortunately, more tax work to go. :-(

Think I'm going to run it again.