Saturday, January 28, 2023

Rest in Peace, Gerhard van der Leun

He was a thoughtful and thought provoking man.  Something he wrote triggered a post here once, and he was quite gracious in the comment he left.  Rest in peace and rise in Glory.

Ave atque vale.


Glen Filthie said...

FFS. Here we go: everything seems to be chugging along, and everything's good with everyone... and then our best start dropping like flies. Poof - they're gone.

Godspeed, Gerard. Thank you for all the best reading a fella could ask for...

Old NFO said...

May he rest in peace.

ASM826 said...

Went back and read the 2010 post and my comment. Having lost an adult child in the years since I wrote that, I want to affirm that I still see love the same way:

"Of course we should remember her, her beauty, her charm, the spirit of her life. It will be required of each of us to die in our time. It is who we were, how we loved, and the relationships we fostered that makes up the life we had. It not the length of time we were given, or the way it ends that defines our life.

Love, take the risk and love. To turn away is to choose the Abyss because you have not the courage to risk the possibility of loss. You will have thrown life away without ever knowing the joy and sweetness that gives it meaning.

Loving another person is an act of incredible daring in the face of an indifferent universe. To love, and to share that love with another in a way that brings another life into being shows us be creatures of such hope that the very idea of it is miraculous."