Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Southwest Florida Blogshoot - Important Update

We are confirmed for Saturday, January 15 at Manatee Gun Club in Myakka City, FL. The club is now under new management so there will be a few changes from previous shoots.  Please do not arrive prior to 10:30am.  Do not stop in the office, just follow the signs to the end of the road where our range is.  Prior to January 15, please review and follow the 6 easy steps below.

Manatee Gun and Archery Club, 1805 Logue Rd, Myakka City, FL 34251

1. The Gun Club has an online waiver that everyone will need to fill out.  If you don't fill this out online you'll have to fill out a paper form when you get there which will be a bit of a pain for everyone.

2, Please forward an email to me (at borepatch at gmail dot com) listing your actual name, your blog name (if applicable), your email address, and how many are in your party (we collected some of this info previously but the royal scribes seem to have misplaced it).  This needs to be done, even if you've left a comment that you will be attending because we have to verify everyone's forms have or will be completed.  

3. IMPORTANT: We need to have some NRA certified Range Safety Officers.  If any of y'all are certified RSOs and would volunteer, please send me an email and attach your credentials so we can clear it with the club that we have the required RSOs.  

4.  When you get to the range, follow the signs that say "Borepatch Blogshoot" to the private range at the end of the road.  We have that reserved just for us.  Shooting stands are covered, and there are 180 yard rifle and 25 yard pistol ranges.

5. We're asking everyone for $20 to cover range costs.  As usual, TQOTW will cater lunch which is included in the cost.

6. Lastly, bring whichever guns you want to.  Last time we had enough firepower to invade Canada.  We will have targets and stands, but the more targets, the merrier.  Of course, bring eye and ear protection.  Also, bring clips to attach the targets to the stands since no staples are allowed at the range.

Many of you may be interested to know, we have some different out of town visitors this time:

Co-blogger and my brother-from-another mother ASM826, down from North Carolina

Long time commenter Libertyman, down from New Hampshire

(tentatively) B from In The Middle Of The Right, from Indiana (I am looking into airports and will email you shortly)


Ratus said...

1 & 2 are done.

Can't help with 3, currently.

On 4, I'm assuming it's the same one as last time.

The cost of 5 is minimal compared to some of the usual places and they don't include food. :D

On 6, I think we had way more than that.

And it's the tiny little 1" clamps at harbor freight or the equivalent.


See you in January.

LSP said...

Wish I could be there!

Have a great shoot.

B said...

IF I can make it, I am an NRA RSo. I will dig out my credentials....
Got your note.


Stewart said...

Last time you invaded Canada you lost.