Sunday, February 7, 2021

Three comments on the Superbowl

1. There is no question whether Tom Brady is the Greatest Of All Time (GOAT).  The biggest loser tonight is not Kansas City, it's the New England Patriots organization.  They worked hard to get rid of the GOAT.  Heads need to roll. 

2. How is Tom Brady like Donald Trump?  The are both going to sleep with supermodels tonight. 

3. I don't need another National Anthem.  I don't think I will ever watch another NFL game.  I've posted about the commercials in the past; all y'all are on your own now.


Hedge said...

The NFL was created by gamblers for the sake of gambling In a game where inches matter and where any play can be considered a holding penalty, it's easy to manipulate the odds. Read any ticket stub, the NFL isn't classified as a sport but as "sports entertainment" like professional wrestling. Bread & Circus.

Glen Filthie said...

Behold the power of ignorance - harnessed for the forces of niceness... not evil! Aesop, takes notes!

Who is Tom Brady and why should I care?
A GOAT? As compared to what? A league full of semi literate millionaire black baboon wife beaters, druggies and alcoholics?

Our nations burn.

Fredrick said...

I think I watched 5 minutes during my channel surfing. Missed the victimhood anthem and all the commercials, too. Though I did catch the SJW announcers bloviating about 'taunting' during one of KC's botched passes. Changed channels again then.

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

National Felons League. quit watching when they started kneeling. It helps in not supporting the networks as well. Local weather and documentaries is about all I watch and not on the networks. The same networks many bitch about calling them the lame stream media. Did you watch it and the commercials where they make their money?

libertyman said...

The only football game I watched was last night's Superbowl. I agree with you on all three points you made. The commercials were terrible, just awful. If I want to be preached to, I will go to church, thank you. The halftime show I skipped - but I understand that was awful too. The announcers made excuses for the Chiefs and Mahomes all night. Happy to see Brady and Gronk play so well together.

If I were Bill Belichick, I think I would retire, and hang my head in shame. Letting Brady go was not a mistake, it was a blunder.

SiGraybeard said...

I think letting Brady go was another case of management ego.

Belichek thought he was responsible for New England's success. No need to sign a 43 year old quarterback to a contract, whoever they sign will be coached to greatness by Belichek.

But no need to consider a new head coach. Every team has an off year, right?

Eagle said...

No, I didn't watch the "game". Heck, I haven't watched any NFL since the kneeling began. If they don't respect the country I served for 10 years (Navy), I have no respect for them.

Hey Bear Claw, there's more than just documentaries. Try Turner Classic Movies sometime.

Sherm said...

I wish I could have skipped the game because of the woke pandering. Sadly, I gave up on the NFL after the strike thirty or so years ago. They proved to me then that loyalty is a one way street and the owners and players don't actually care about the game. I decided that if they don't care than why should I? From what I've read, nothing has changed.

Unknown said...

Like others I quit watching when players started taking a knee.
My wife watched the Puppy Bowl, I listened to old Motown songs and called it any early night. I worked the food bank this morning and did not see a single millionaire football player or owner giving of their time.
No surprise there eh?

Roy said...

I can't boycott something I have never taken part in. The only Superbowl I've ever seen was in 1973. But, I also don't begrudge anyone else their own entertainment.

However, entertainment or not, I also don't understand why anyone on this side of the political divide would voluntarily give money to people who hate you.

Old NFO said...

Yep, sports 'entertainment' was on display last night, along with a butchered national anthem, a whole bunch of 'woke' commercials (Really Jeep, you couldn't even find an ACCURATE map of the USA to show), ad infinitum. The ONLY thing it was good for was friends that came over and food they brought! :-)