Saturday, February 20, 2021

Southwest Florida Blogshoot - Saturday 27 February

We are a go for the February Southwest Florida Blogshoot a week from today.  The weather looks like it will continue "National Hate Florida Week" for another 7 days:

We have the range that we tried for last time - the one with a  25 yard pistol range and a 200 yard rifle range.  Miguel is going to sight in some rifles, so we can probably do a sighting in clinic.  I just sighted one in a couple months back and so have some reasonably fresh experience.

Florida's own Divemedic has graciously offered to give a "First Aid for the Shooting Range" overview.  And there's a surprise that Miguel is working on that's still under wraps, but should be really fun.  And The Queen Of The World is catering (again).  'Nuff said.

Many thanks to the three RSOs who have said that they'll help out.

Please leave a comment to confirm that you are planning to come on the 27th so we will have a final headcount.  Also, check back tomorrow for the form you will need to download and fill out (ah, where would we be without paperwork?).

The Venue:

When: Saturday, February 27 at 11:00 AM until 4:00 PM.

Where: Manatee Gun and Archery Club1805 Logue Rd, Myakka City, FL 34251

Facilities:  Some of our readers are bringing their betters halves (as am I) and the fairer sex will be relieved to know that there are proper, civilized facilities in the club house.   

Cost: $20 per person to cover range rental and sundries.


Derek Ward said...

Count me in.

BigCountryExpat said...

Sapper, Me and Ranger J inbound, gotta break in and sight in the new AR10 as well as the bolt gun (new stock and scope needs to be re-zeroed) Let me know if we need more 7.62, I've been reloading like a mo-fo

Miguel GFZ said...

Bring your sidearm and at least 2 good magazines or speedloaders (more is always better) It will NOT be a high count shootout, just the opposite. I figure less than 50 rounds if you get really excited and want to shoot a lot
And all levels of pistol shooters are invited because you will only be competing against yourselves, let's not be shy.

We will be paying homage to Colonel Cooper.

Miguel GFZ said...

PS: If you have a holster and pouches, bring them and shoot using them. If you don't have them, no problem either you will get to shoot too. Again, you will only be competing against yourself.

Ratus said...

I'm still in.

I'll be bringing some electronic goodies.

libertyman said...

Have fun everyone, as soon as I can travel I will join you. (Next year?) Great job for doing this, Borepatch.

David L said...

Work commitment... may be able to make the tail end of it. Need to zero a PS 90 and mess w my Saiga without DQ’d. Again.

DixieDennis said...

We are in again. What does the QoW need us to bring?

Tsgt Joe said...

I’m in. Will be coming alone.

SgtBob said...

Oldest son, Michael, and I will be there.

Qwerty said...

I'M in. Bringing a friend.