Thursday, February 4, 2021

Southwest Florida blogshoot update

Some of the attendees at the last blogshoot are or were medic/EMTs.  Is anyone interested in giving a short (15 - 30 minute) talk on gun range first aid?  The RSOs will keep this range safe but having an overview of what to do if something goes wrong somewhere else might be pretty useful knowledge.  

Shoot me an email if you have the background and are interested.


Miguel GFZ said...

Great idea... how to apply tourniquet?

Ratus said...

This is a great idea and I look forward to it happening.

Divemedic said...

Paramedic. Used to be an instructor for Basic Trauma Life Support and Tactical Combat Casualty Care, among other things.
I intend on being there and would be willing to help.

Aesop said...

For reference:

I would also suggest whoever gives the safety brief consider/touch briefly upon

a) any likely wildlife thereabouts that either stings, bites, or chomps;

b) medical treatment for minor burns, e.g. from hot brass in contact with skin;

c) appropriate environmental concerns given the season in question and local conditions;

d) All attendees having a 3"x5" card in a designated pocket with their complete medical history, allergies, and daily medications, plus a designated contact person/number, all kept in a baggie on their person, so they have it written down In Case Of Emergency (because after the fact, playing 20 questions sucks big-time). And if anyone needs their epi-pen, an asthma inhaler, nitroglycerin pills, etc., it isn't going to to do anyone any damned good in their medicine cabinet six counties away, nor in their car 200 yards away.
Those kinds of things should be either in their range bag (with a nice red "+" on that pocket) or else on their person. Hint, hint.

e) Directions and maps available to the nearest Urgent Care doc-in-the-box, the nearest actual hospital emergency room, and the nearest emergency trauma center (ER and trauma are not the same thing). Find out before-hand, please.

And btw, whenever possible, have a Designated Medic, and a Designated Back-Up Medic. Two is one and one is none, esp. if Fate kicks your ass, and the sole Medic is the one who goes down, for whatever reason. Ask me how I know. Even three such isn't too many.

The commute is too far for me, else I'd volunteer services, etc.
Best wishes, and have fun.