Sunday, February 14, 2021

Tchaikovsky - Love Theme from Romeo and Juliet

This is arguably the most famous romantic music ever written and since this is the Feast of St. Valentine here's something to share with your sweetheart.  Relax, even if she's not a classical music aficionado , she knows this.  You do too.  I mean, it's been in literally everything, from Sesame Street to Wayne's World.

What's surprising is that Tchaikowsky's masterpiece was initially poorly received and he had to re-write it.  But the effort was worth it - this really made his reputation and as I said, this is the most famous piece of romantic classical music ever written.

If you want to cheat, skip ahead to around 8:50.  You should find yourself humming right along.

And now for a confession: I had searched for this for literally years, but to my shame didn't know who the composer was and didn't think about Tchaikovsky.  I mentioned this to The Queen Of The World and she found it in literally 5 minutes.  She's not just a pretty face, she's wicked smart.


libertyman said...

Must say that I was not familiar with this piece at all. But that Tchaikovsky feller sure could write some music.

Happy valentine's Day to you both!

Bob said...

Now check out Tchaikovsky's other story of doomed lovers, Francesca Da Rimini. That story is from Dante's Inferno where the lustful are torn apart for eternity in the cyclonic winds of the Second Circle of Hell. After the first theme which describes the entrance of Hell (Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here) and the second theme which describes the Second Circle of Hell, the third theme describes the story of the two lovers, ending in disaster and death, at which point the theme of the Second Circle is revisited.