Tuesday, February 23, 2021

The Great Sorting

Peter posts about how Blue States are getting increasingly uncomfortable for folks of conservative mindset and recommends getting the heck out of Dodge:

As I've said before, if you find yourself trapped in such a "blue state", or in a blue enclave within a "red state", it's long gone time you started looking for a way out of there. You may lose money by moving, but you'll at least retain at least some degree of the freedom for which our founding fathers fought . . . not to mention your self-respect. Freedom begins locally, with citizens and their local government controlling their own affairs. From there, we can move upward and outward to take back levels of government that have been infiltrated by the progressive enemies of freedom - but it all starts locally.

 The Queen Of The World and I did exactly that last year.  Even though we lived in what I used to call "The United States of America portion of Maryland" it was still Maryland.  We planned our exit for about a year and yes, we had to pay for the move ourselves.  For us, it's been worth it - there's no State income tax, so in 4 or 5 more months we'll get to break-even on the moving costs, and you get a lot more house for your money down here.

And the air smells of freedom here.  And Peter is exactly right - freedom begins locally and people here (mostly) mind their own business.  Nobody cares if you have a Trump sign (heck, or a Biden one) in your yard - which absolutely would not have been the case up in Maryland.

We also had family reasons to move here - we're 15 minutes from grandkids which is nice.  I could see this as a big reason NOT to move if your family was all in a Blue State.  It worked out for us but won't for everybody.

Long term, there will be a LOT of this kind of sorting.  I think it's the prelude to the great national divorce that this Republic is headed for.  The Red areas will get redder and the Blue areas bluer until there's really not much common ground between them.


Old NFO said...

Oh so true. Glad y'all got out when you could!

libertyman said...

Yes, my friends living near you report a much less restricted life there. Maybe DeSantis will consider higher office?
I still can't travel without restriction, otherwise I would come down. I am hopeful spring break may change things, that is a couple of weeks away.

Sardaukar said...

After the Anschluss of Nevada by Kalifornia demorats during the last mid-terms, we saw the writing on the wall, so researched and headed out to western Montana. Almost 2 years now. No regrets whatsoever. Beautiful up here (if you don’t mind snow, we don’t and I grew up in Hawaii), got almost twice the house than we had in NV for the same price, no state sales tax on anything, and friendly folk’s (as long as you aren’t from Kalifornia, as hate for Kali's by Montanans is frankly an understatement).

Meanwhile in Nevada, They now have more transplant Kalifornians than Nevadans. Nevada has massively changed & suffering under the Dhimmicrats rule, with red flag and other gun control laws, tax increases, crime way up, draconian Kung-flu diktats and a corrupt dem Governor. Like a malignant Cancer, they are not wasting any time.

Richard said...


Still in a safe part of NV. We are working on a plan to split the state. Essentially, getting rid of Clark County leaving the American part. Too early to tell whether this is going to work but thinking of the backup plan to bail.

Aesop said...

Glad you're happy. And definitely happier shovelling 48 inches of sunshine about now.
But when FL purples up, as it's already doing, then where to...?

Ain't gonna be no "national divorce".
National murder-suicide, maybe, but a national divorce is a fairytale.

The coming levelling will not be fought state to state, nor country to city. It will be house to house, and in some families, room to room. You ain't gonna have safe spaces, nor anything like a Mason-Dixon line.

If Floridians besiege Dade County, Tallahassee, and a goodly portion of greater Tampa, and slaughter all the residents thereof, particularly university environs, give a holler.
Otherwise, Miami will just become FL's Chicongo, and drag the entire state under with it.
(cf. CA, WA, OR, NYFS, VA, AZ, etc.)
It's 95% there already.
One good influx from anywhere or everywhere, and FL is as blue as Mass-holia and MD in about a year.

Kurt said...

We are part of the great sortation.

Moved in late 2019 from the Seattle area to Montana.

Got very lucky doing so, because my employer decided it was time to do a layoff, and on a Monday in mid-October I was among the chosen, and because of my long term there (18 years), I got 12 weeks severance. That same week, I had an interview with a company in Montana, and was offered my current position the following week. Although my new company offered a fairly generous relocation package, I spent most of my severance facilitating the move.

Sold my house for a very nice sum, and was able a few months later to find a better house with a smaller mortgage.

All in all, I'm beyond happy with how everything worked out. Making new local friends is difficult for me, but my young sons are doing well in school and making their own friends.

Overall, I'd have to say we made out like bandits.


LindaG said...

Or the red areas will turn purple as demonrats dump all the illegal aliens into those areas. >:[

McChuck said...

You did write down the address of every house sporting a Biden sign, didn't you?

Maniac said...

Stocked up on some non-perishable food a while back and bought a .38 revolver to protect it. I should probably buy some water purification tablets this weekend too.

I wish I'd never been born at this point.

Paul, Dammit! said...

It's hard to believe that I left The People's Republic of Massachusetts almost 7 years ago when I moved south to emigrate to America. South FL isn't perfect, but my little piece is perfect for me... and having neighbors who don't look askance when they see my pantry with a year's supply of food. I do worry that S.FL will go blue with the influx of refugees from Puerto Rico, Virginia and Connecticut.