Thursday, March 12, 2020

The Scientific Consensus on climate change

It looks like the consensus is that the IPCC process is broken and politicized, and the Assessment Reports are junk science.  Dozens of scientists say so.

Funny that you don't hear this in the Media.  It's almost like they're biased or something.


Aesop said...

"If it's science, it's not consensus. If it's consensus, it's not science." - Michael Crichton

libertyman said...

It doesn’t matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn’t matter how smart you are. If it doesn’t agree with experiment, it’s wrong.
— Richard P. Feynman

Beans said...

It's hard to fight a religion, which rabid environmentalism is. And the nice thing about a rabid religion is that one can contradict oneself and get away with it.

Seriously. Look at 'environmentalism' over the last 50 years and they've flipflopped back and forth over issues and stuffs more than Mohammed did when creating his religion. Or L. Ron H. with scientology.

Point out these flip-flops and do the environmentalists take a scientific approach to answering the questions? No. They break out pitchforks and torches and go all 'Salem Witch Trial' on everyone.

Stop with all the religious hysteria. Bring back the scientific method to science. You'll find about 95% of the bullscat will disappear.

Case in point. I live in North Central Florida, in a liberal hellhole one county north of Ocala. I've had people tell me it's never frozen here, it's only gotten hot here recently, yada yada yada.

They completely ignore the deaths of all the orange groves north of Orlando all the way up to the Georgia border in the late 70's due to extreme cold. Or the Ice Storm of 1989 where there was ice on the roads all the way to... Orlando. Or the late August days in the 80's where 3-4-5 days of over 100 degree temps, lowering into the high 80's at night, were common.

Mention these simple facts and environmentalists get all 'edgy' and 'panicy' and say or scream that I'm wrong, it's always been hotter or cooler than I've said it was.

Yeah. Science hard. Must be flexible.

Funny note on this: The same people that overwhelmingly support the Global Climate Change fraud seem to be the ones that go into a shrieking hissy-fit when you mention President Trump's name, and are also the same ones that discount the electoral college and support the popular votes, except when either of them go against what they want, of course.

LSP said...

Climate Change. Was there ever such a crock?

Aesop said...


The "Global Cooling" panic in the 80s.
The "Population Bomb" spaz in the 70s.
And on and on.

People trying to predict the future are, as Pirate's Cove has blogged it, "climastrologists".

Best to jeer and laugh as often as possible, and punch the violent ones in the throat or junk, and they slither away.

If that doesn't avail, shoot them in the face.
Especially when they try to proselytize from positions of power and influence.

"Kill the witch" wasn't necessarily bad advice going back forever, just bad targeting. Find the cultural Gilligans, and exterminate them ruthlessly.