Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Top Gun 2: Does the Military hate Hollywood?

om Cruise?  There's a sequel to Top Gun in the works, with a lot of the original cast back (Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer) and even featuring Kenny Loggins' "Danger Zone" song.  Filming is under way right now.

But there's a lot of scuttlebutt that Cruise has pissed off the rank and file:
Tom Cruise is filming Top Gun 2 on the mighty USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71), a US Nimitz class super carrier. The crew has been ordered to not look at Tom Cruise or to talk to the arrogant Scientology OT. Tom Cruise will make a fortune from Top Gun 2 pretending to be a US Navy officer and yet he shows no respect to for the men and women who serve aboard the Theodore Roosevelt.

Tom Cruise has the same arrogant behavior going on in Scientology: No one is allowed to look at him or talk to him unless he grants permission.

Scuttlebutt from the crew of the “TR” has made its way onto social media — and special thanks to my colleague Intergalactic Walrus for making today’s article possible due to his timely commenting at the Underground Bunker.

Now it's probably good to be skeptical of the site since it's strongly anti-Scientology.  However, Cruise has a history of disrespect for the military:
Famed actor Tom Cruise recently said that his job is comparable to being deployed to Afghanistan, according to court documents obtained by TMZ.
 I know people at NAS Lemoore, and will ask what they hear - filming will be there later this month.


Beans said...

Dead to me. Won't even watch his films on TV. Joined the ranks of Hanoi Jane as to people whose grave needs watering when the time comes.

LindaG said...

Just more proof why bollywood is dead. I don't watch any awards, and darn few movies any more.
And certainly had no intention of watching his new movie.
He can suck lemons.

Fred said...

He was an insufferable prick the first time around too.

SiGraybeard said...

I remember seeing on TMZ that Barbara Streisand had it in her contract that when she was backstage at your local theater, nobody was allowed to look at her. When she was to walk to the stage everyone had to either leave or turn to face the walls so they didn't look at her.

I thought that was the most egotistical sh*t I ever heard, but Cruise tops it.

Will said...

History shows that talented people tend to be a bit odd. The greater the talent, the more odd they are. Not an absolute statement, but reasonably accurate. Sort of a "you don't get something for nothing" bit of brain wiring.

Windy Wilson said...

I thought turning one's face to the wall when the master of the manor house passed by went out of fashion when (f)GB entered WW1. You can see such behavior (and more!) in the movie "Angels and Insects."
Barbra Streisand should stop thinking she's the progressive modern one and the conservatives she holds in such contempt are the regressive ones, but to say so is a waste of electrons and pixels.

Gregb said...

I'm not sure, but we know for a fact that Hollweird hates the military & what they stand for