Sunday, February 3, 2019

Thoughts on the Superbowl

The NFL clearly laid down the law on taking a knee.  None of the players I saw did.  The NFL knows that this is ratings poison and didn't let it happen.

Despite what the haters will want to say, this should pretty much end the debate on who is the greatest NFL quarterback of all time.

It probably should (but won't) end the debate on what the greatest NFL franchise of all time is.

The Halftime show was idiotic music, but there wasn't anything politically controversial.  The Queen of the World recognized him but I didn't have a clue until they played that song that was covered by the Axis Of Awesome.

A lot of the commercials were hilarious.  Michael Bubble and T-Mobile had us laughing out loud.  The Verizon commercial with the guy meeting the EMTs who saved his life was touching.

All in all, we did not expect a Superbowl with basically no political bull***t.


Irish said...

My favorite was the Audi "dying" one. :)

libertyman said...

No memorable commercials save for the first responder one, that was touching as you said.
Most commercials were simply terrible. I left the room for the halftime show, so no opinion on that.
Julian Edelman richly deserved the MVP award, he and Brady are a formidable pair.

Roy said...

So that's what was going on yesterday.

I had heard a rumor that something special was on TV, but I was outside enjoying a sunny 65 degree day in February.

All snark aside, I don't begrudge anyone their own preferences in entertainment. I hope all of you who watched the game enjoyed it.

A Reader said...

The CBS "this is real news" and the WaPo "we're still relevant" commercials were laughable in their inaccuracy.