Monday, February 25, 2019

Is Trump de-funding the Left?

Trump is defunding the left and lowering its status
During the Obama years, the EPA packed the CASAC panel. Twenty-four of its 26 members are now agency grantees, with some listed as principal investigators on EPA research grants worth more than $220 million 
Environmentalists, predictably, sued, alleging this policy would change the “science” advice away from environmentalism – as obviously it would. 
In 2016, the World Bank announced it would spend 28% of investments on climate-related projects by 2020, which is roughly three hundred to four hundred million dollars of American taxpayer money per year. All Climate related projects, as near to all of them as make no difference, are scams that enrich political activists, and again, Trump cut this out.
A horde of journalists have lost their jobs, and their status. 
Trump is now taking aim at “Disparate impact” If he succeeds with “disparate impact”, there are going to be mass layoffs of bitter angry aging cat ladies with vast unpaid college debt and credit card debt from Human Resources, radically curtailing the status, wealth, and power of the left.
I'm not sure that I entirely buy this argument, but if Trump does to this what he's doing to regulation (eliminating several for each new one) then in the next 2 (or 6) years there could very possibly be more unemployed Leftists.


juvat said...

"...more unemployed Leftists."

You say that like it's a bad thing.

William Tansill said...

Starbucks is always hiring.

McChuck said...

If Trump can rid us of "disparate impact", it would go a long, long way to improving the country. Death to the EO/EEO/EIEIO mafia!

Glen Filthie said...

They can learn to code!