Thursday, October 25, 2018

Open Carry Larping

Tam points out examples the way that only she can.  Sal chimes in as only he can.

UPDATE: Aesop has some thoughts here, and expands on them here.  Key graf:
Just because you haven't tried something doesn't mean you ought to.
Maybe learn a lesson from common sense, and from the example of the 5000 other Open Carry fucktards from coast to coast who've BTDT. 
So, in answer to WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO EXPAND GUN RIGHTS IN FLORIDA?, the answer isn't "Nothing", it's "Reminding the OC Crusaders that acting like fucktards is acting like fucktards, and harms gun rights for everyone, everywhere."
Oh, and "Rambonehead" is the word of the day.


Divemedic said...

Sorry, but all of the bloggers who are complaining live in states where OC is legal. Of course they don't care about Florida. They don't have to live here. I have news for you: the yankee transplants in Miami don't want you to own ANY guns.

Use your rights or lose them. I agree 100% with Weerd on this one.

Aesop said...

Nice try, Divemedic, but that's a fail.
I live in a state where open carry is banned pretty much anywhere but the backside of BFEgypt.
So give that "don't care about FL" crap a rest, if you please.

What I don't care about is jackholes being jackholes for attention.

All the FL-tards are doing is validating the exact reasons the weasels they elected took their rights away in the first place, and making the Dumocrats look like the calm, rational ones in the argument.


Sue the cops who violated rights, vote the quislings out, and change the laws: fine.
Look like idiots doing idiotic things: fail.

Divemedic said...

The Civil Rights movement of the 60s faced the same playbook from the same Democrat party. They didn't beat them by complying with whites only public facilities. They beat them by refusing to comply.

I keep hearing all of these Internet commandos talk about how they are not going to comply when the gun confiscations begin, even while they don't even have the guts to open carry a rifle while it is still legal.

Next thing you know, you will be advising us to "not be fucktards and just turn in our guns so we don't anger the Democrats."

May your chains rest lightly upon you.

Divemedic said...

I would also point out that calling fellow gun owners "tards" because they don't protest in a way that you approve of is EXACTLY why the Republicans feel safe in backsliding. After all, the pro gun movement is filled with fragmented infighting, with a good number of them just hoping that if they carry pistols instead of rifles, the anti gun forces will suddenly see the error of their ways and leave them alone.

Aesop said...

It's not about guts, and this isn't a dick-measuring contest.
Nice try.
Most of those folks would find their dicks getting caught in their zippers a lot less if they weren't always waving them around in lieu of brains.

It's also not about my approval: they're making monumental asses of
themselves, and tarring people who aren't fucktards.
Didn't Doomsday Preppers teach anyone anything?

And my team isn't "gun owners".
Gang bangers own guns too.

My team is people who don't have their heads up their asses, and a pathologic narcissism disorder.

You? Group up with whomever you feel the most affinity for.

Anyone else is free likewise.
They just ought to own up and qwitcherbitchin when someone calls it what it is.

And when stupidity fails, like this will, they'll fix, exactly? With a heartfelt "Oops, sorry?" Thanks. Thanks a pantload.

My suggestion is that the idiots to whom this idiocy seems logical cut to the chase, and swallow a nice steaming hot cup of STFU.

Failing that, Hillary t-shirts and Bernie buttons all around.
If someone's going to set themselves on fire and go down in flames, they should at least have the decency to crash into the enemy flagships.

But if they're too butthurt and smart to listen to people who've had their back on the topic until they went full retard, they should prepare for the crickets they'll hear chirping when it goes sideways, like Stupid always does, followed by gales of derisive laughter.

I'm just getting a head start on that.

If anyone doesn't want the exact attention they're getting, stop following the script of the Judean People's Front, FFS.

When any group self-parodies, expect that we'll be laughing at you, not with you.

Most of the adults figured this one somewhere around first grade, but there's always slow learners in every bunch.
Speech is free, but's it's never consequence-free.
Welcome to adulthood.

If I'm the first person to point this out to you, them, or anyone else, I'm sincerely sorry for the common sense and life education any of them lack, but it's not my problem.

Divemedic said...

Why don't you just stick to long posts about how Ebola is going to kill us all, or conspiracy theories about the CIA controlling Vegas?

Continuing to call people names doesn't win them over to your point of view.

Aesop said...

Neither does telling lies about people who tell you a third-party was acting like assholes.

You started the name calling in your opening post, then doubled, trebled, and quadrupled down, avoided any possibility of an appeal to facts because you haven't got any, and now all you've got is a raging case of jalapeño and habanero butthurt, squared.

Rock jackassery as the only thing you've got, and see where it gets you.

But no, you're right, obviously: Tam, Borepatch, Miguel, and I (and doubtless millions of others who don't seem even slightly inclined to follow this idiotic strategy) have got this all wrong, because we can't see the brilliance of acting like fucktards in public with our pants around our ankles.

ROWYBS, and keep taking it personal too. Because the TV and the radio are talking to you.

June J said...

I live in Texas, an open carry state. Sensible gun owners here are constantly embarrassed by the antics of the group Open Carry Texas. They fail to understand or don’t care about the affects their acts of stupidity have upon the minds of legislators who are undecided about further loosening of our gun rights. Elected officials see this crap, receive calls from their constituents and get pressure from the gun control groups.
Yeah, some law enforcement agencies act like jacktards too, but openly challenging them in public while heavily armed doesn’t help your cause.
You can be sure the Florida and Texas groups as well as others across the country are influencing people, just not in the positive way they believe they are.

Jerry The Geek said...

Oh, gee, it has been years since I've watched a "Flame War" in process. Did your daddys teach you these skills?