Friday, October 12, 2018

B-17 takeoff at Frederick Airport

The B-17 is a surprisingly elegant aircraft, when seen both sitting still and when in motion.  The B-24 is list a boxcar, but the Flying Fortress is graceful.

Seen at the Frederick, MD airport today.  More later.

UPDATE 12 October 2018 16:56: Changed to Youtube embed for video.


J Bogan said...

When I was a kid, and 12 O'clock high was first run TV, I never dreamed I would get to see a real B17 in action, let alone all the other warbirds. In the 80s I went up to Geneseo 3 years in a row. I saw B17s, Lancasters. Hurricanes, Spitfires, P47s, P51... One evening after the show there was a formation fly by of 21 T6s.
I was leaving the Frederick show once as Fifi, the B29 made a low level pass over downtown Fredneck.
Thanks for the videos.

Glen Filthie said...

Of course it’s graceful - it was the last of the big tail daggers!

STxAR said...

She is so pretty. Elegant is the perfect word for it. One of my favorites. Read about Rosie Rosenthal. Excellent Fort pilot and worked on the trial at Nurenberg. We stood under the wing of a 17 at Wings Over East Texas in 87. Number 1 engine blooped a big drop of black oil on my wife's shoulder. I was so jealous......

I got to climb around in Fifi back in the 70's. The Norden sight was donated by Col. Tennessee Earnie Ford (of the CAF). I was surprised how big the front office was. But the tunnel to the back was dinky. Thank you no.

Will said...

12 O'clock High gave the impression that the B-17 was roomy. Not so much in real life. Got the chance to crawl around inside one at a show at Moffett NAS late 70's or so. Tight quarters, even for a small guy in summer clothes. Certainly explains why they staggered the waist gun positions once they got into the war.