Monday, October 29, 2018

I haz a sad

Nobody has ever blocked me on Twitter.  But Lawrence runs across an NPC who can't handle the truth.  Advantage: Lawrence.

I guess if I ever went on Twitter I might run into one of these idiots, but then I'd have to go on Twitter.  And so, I don't.  Advantage: me.

And this is a good time to add a post tag for NPCs.


LSP said...

I've always liked that helpful infographic.

libertyman said...

Being somewhat out of touch, I had to look up NPC. Not sure of the significance, as I don't play video games, but the analogy seems apt.

Lawrence Person said...

Thanks for the link.

A followup: The very same day David Simon blocked me, noted lawyer/tweeter Popehat also blocked me, for much the same reason: Irrational insistence that President Donald Trump is some sort of crypto antisemite despite plenty of countervailing evidence.