Monday, March 26, 2018

I'm pretty cynical about the anti gun march

I think that this is all about trying to get Democrats elected in November.  The fact that the school systems were strongly behind this suggests that the Teacher's Union is deeply involved, and the lack of any meaningful proposals to, you know, actually address the stated problem is pretty telling.  The kids are, well, kids - blathering empty nothings for the camera, nothing more.

As the Bard said, it's a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. Keeping people hyped up seems to the the only thing.  You don't need well reasoned policy proposals for that.

I also don't think that this changes anything about the poor chance of any new meaningful gun control laws.  The Democrats had their chance in 2009 and (remembering 1994) didn't touch it.  I think that they've come to the conclusion that this is an area where they don't want to do anything meaningful, and would rather keep it as an issue that never goes away.  At least, I think this is the view of the national Democratic Party.  States will continue passing what they think they can get away with, so that's the ball to keep your eye on.

But Keith Ellison and Wayne LaPierre have precisely the same motivation - keep this issue alive and kicking, to keep the donations coming in.


Ken said...

(sings) "And the Baptists and the bootleggers go waltzing along...."

SiGraybeard said...

There was so much concentrated stupid going on that I couldn't even watch. Congresswoman talking about "the gun show loophole", kids with signs saying "if only my uterus was as unregulated as guns"... it was unbearable. ("Excuse me, miss, but what do you do with your uterus when you travel by plane? Do you put it in your checked luggage? Do you leave it at home? That must really hurt. What about when you go into a courthouse?")

On the other hand, here in Florida, the Democrats played the Republicans perfectly and got them to pass gun control. They modified the bill so that there were ways around all the good parts (arming school staff can be outlawed at the local level - like by Sheriff Israel himself) but no ways around the bad parts. An 18-20 year old woman, statistically more likely to be attacked than an older woman, is completely prevented from self-defense.

So if the Dems can make the Stupid party enact their laws, why should they bother taking the risk of passing gun control themselves?

Jerry said...

So let's have some fun with them. These fools want gun control but apparently have no idea how guns work, what laws there are and how these laws are enforced. Let's put together an gun control omnibus bill that repeats all the gun control laws for the last 90 years but makes some subtle changes.

BIDS replaces NICS. Allow people to check their records before buying a gun.

Put a 10 year expiration date on convicted felons.

Put some enforcement in FOPA.

Leave the gun free zones but allow civil suits for failure to enforce gun free zones. Require that Gun Free Zones provide lockers rather than forcing gun owners to store guns in their vehicles.

The Dhimmicrats will either have to vote against it then explain to THEIR voters why they voted against a massive gun control bill or attempt to publicly explain why the new law is a scam; thereby generating the conversation they claim that they want but always avoid.