Tuesday, March 27, 2018

An excellent introduction to Western Civilization

One of my favorite shows in the 1980s was James Burke's fantastic The Day The Universe Changed. I posted about it years back, but the videos were either deleted or moved.  Now you can find the episodes here.

It takes an interesting approach to the subject - rather than a chronological presentation, Burke takes a number of different topics that were kept to the West becoming the West, and traces a topic through time in a single episode.

If you know a young person who you suspect isn't getting introduced to Western Civilization in school, then you might want to watch this with them.


Stephen Gustav said...

His earlier series Connections is even better.

drjim said...

I have "Connection" and "Connections 2" on DVD. Burke was an excellent presenter, and the staging and continuity of the series' was excellent.

I've seen all his other series', but have yet to get them.

"The Ascent of Man" is another excellent series, but if you know about Burke, you know about Bronowski.....