Thursday, March 1, 2018

Hey Hollywood, listen up! - A Guest Post from Madame Anonymous

Hey Hollywood!

Many of you promised to leave if Trump were elected president. He was (that was reason enough to vote for him!) but you didn’t leave.

You said you were smarter than the rest of us because you’re rich and famous. You were wrong.

You said Hillary was the best candidate for president but you ignored the people that are no longer living because of her and all the shady dealings of the Clinton Foundation (among others!)

You said Trump spoke poorly about women but thought nothing of Bill Clinton cheating on his wife in the oval office and then lied to the entire world about it.

You thought the blacklisting started by McCarthy during the 50’s was terrible but you’ve done exactly the same thing to actors like Tim Allen when he disagreed with you. (and your total lack of common sense and logic)

You paraded around Washington DC in vagina hats and called for the assassination of our newly elected president just ONE DAY after he took office but insisted he was the divisive element in our country.

You claim the rest of need to be more mindful and protective of our natural resources while you drive your ridiculously priced, gas guzzling cars and limos and fly around in your private jets because you’re too good to be in the presence commoners.

You preach about how we need to allow illegal aliens into our country but lock yourself behind gates with armed guards. You tell us how we should accept illegals into our cities and continue allowing our hard earned tax dollars to be spent on people who are in this country illegally and don’t contribute one cent to the tax base they so freely take from, but you wear dresses, tuxedos, and jewelry worth thousands of dollars all free of charge to one special occasion just for naming the designer. You parade around with $5000 purses given to you just so they’ll be seen, expect independent store owners to give you drastic discounts just for shopping in their stores, receive thousands of dollars of tax free swag just for showing up at a party, and yet you have the audacity to accuse political candidates that you disagree with (like our president) of not paying their fair share of taxes.

You hate it when people criticize pro athletes for take a knee instead of standing for our National Anthem but you criticize Tim Allen and other conservative actors when they say things they believe.  And while freedom of speech is great, we're not buying tickets for these games to listen to those knuckleheads spout their political philosophy.

You have treated the citizens of this country, our military, our first responders, our current president and his family horribly, but now you call on then for stronger gun control laws. You hire armed body guards to protect you, you call the police when you need them, you depend on our military to protect our country, and yet you call for stricter gun laws while you totally ignore all the crimes committed with illegally obtained guns and guns used by felons. Seriously, are you really that ignorant that you think adding more gun laws would change that???

We pay to see you act, dance, sing, tell jokes, or whatever your art is. Instead, you cheat us by forcing us to listen to your political rants instead of doing what we have paid good money for. Shut up and dance, monkey!

Clearly, you’ve been really, really wrong for decades and show no signs of changing that. (Or, you secretly want Trump to be reelected in 2020, in which case you’re doing an AWESOME job – keep up the good work!)

So, here’s my question: Since you’ve been wrong about so much and we’ve all just let you go on with your silliness asking nothing from you, can we just have one thing? Can we please have back ‘Last Man Standing’? After all, cancelling it has done absolutely no good for you!


Brigid said...

I just had to shake my head at the quote of a well known Hollywood actress who has extensive violence including infanticide in her movies saying "it's not violent movies, it's guns". This from some blond that didn't finish 8th grade.

waepnedmann said...

Your comment triggered an avalanch of blonde jokes.
They won't stop rolling through my mind.
I have met people, mostly from a younger generation, who have been educated beyond their intelligence. Maybe the blonde actress was of a generation before teachers graded on a bell curve and she simply could not matriculate from eigth grade.

Ted said...

Why would I give any credence to people whose “ skill “ is the ability to look good while reciting lines that someone else wrote for them??? ....... And they get multiple chances to get it right??

Trained monkeys indeed