Friday, February 9, 2018

Tired of winter yet?

Me, too.

Found at By Other Means.


jerseygirlangie said...

Move to Upstate or Western New York - you'll come to realize that March ALWAYS has a storm to whack you, and sometimes April, as well .

You don't get tired of Winter, you outlast it .

And don't even think of starting your garden till Memorial Day - at the earliest !

Suz said...

What jerseygirlangie said is the absolute gospel truth!!
The first weekend in April it would be lovely and warm, the second weekend we would have gotten 15+inches of snow.

Just like the first weekend in December there was always a snow storm. We always went Christmas shopping that weekend. Took the 4 wheel drive truck, otherwise you were not making it out of Crossgates Mall parking lot.