Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Compare and contrast: NRA vs. Planned Parenthood media coverage

Let's recap for those of you following along at home:  Some whacko goes whacko after 2 warning calls to the FBI and seemingly 40+ visits from the local Po Po, the #BrowardCowards shelter in place outside the school while the kids are being shot and the media says ZOMG the NRA has blood on their hands!!!!eleventy!

Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood carves babies up and sells their parts and the media drops the story down the memory hole.

This is why I ignore everything from the media.

Oh, and good on Georgia for yanking a crony capitalism tax break for Delta airlines.  I guess that we now now the price of leftie politics - it's about $40M for Delta.

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Richard said...

If I owned any Delta stock, I would be torn between selling it and suing the board for failing to represent shareholder interests.