Saturday, December 17, 2016

Travis Tritt - Christmas In My Hometown

Country music can get pretty sentimental sometimes, and there's no time for sentimental like Christmas.  Travis Tritt does an old school country version of Sonny James' 1966 holiday classic.

Christmas In My Hometown (songwriters: Sonny James, John Skye)
There's a white Christmas in my hometown
Where the streets are snowy, shinin' bright
And the lights on all the Christmas trees are burning
For old Santa's sure to come this very night 
There are jingle bells and Christmas carols singin'
By the children who are walking in the street
Folks are smiling and they're sayin' merry Christmas
For there's joy in their hearts as they meet 
Oh, the Christmas chimes are ringing in the tower
Jingle bells can be heard all around
Time for all to go and wait for Santa's comin'
'Cause it's merry Christmas here in my hometown 
I can hear the reindeer in the distance
All the sleigh bells are ringing loud and clear
Little eyes are closed in their slumber
They are waiting for old Santa to appear

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