Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Disney sued over H1-B visa staffing

Laid off Disney IT staff suing Disney for racial discrimination:
Court papers, filed on Disney's home turf in Orlando, Florida, state that in October 2014, the Mickey Mouse operation told 250 or so technicians that they were being laid off and that they could apply for other roles within the entertainment giant. The lawsuit claims the techies were not successful, and instead the positions were taken by non-Americans on H-1B visas, who had to be trained by the axed IT bods. 
Essentially, it's alleged Disney racially discriminated against its own experienced American workers by replacing them with non-citizen rookies parachuted in from India. 
"Between October 2014 and January 31, 2015, Plaintiffs applied for employment in several available positions posted by Defendant," the filing [PDF], submitted on Monday, reads. 
"Plaintiffs were well-qualified for these positions, but were denied further employment with Defendant. On or about January 31, 2015, Defendant terminated the employment of Plaintiffs based solely on their national origin and race, replacing them with Indian nationals."
I'm quite interested to see what Trump does about this.  The Silicon Valley big wigs are meeting with him today - I wonder if this will be a topic.


Old NFO said...

I'm surprised somebody is actually suing... But glad to see it!

Michael said...

Letting the corporations and politicians friendly to them make the laws is how this chicanery happens. Until we make this sort of behavior highly illegal and enforce it, companies with no soul will continue to do this left and right. What job options will our kids have if we allow corporate America to replace us all with cheaper labor from overseas? Its bad enough we have lost all our manufacturing, but to actually have cheaper foreign labor on American soil taking jobs is disgusting. None of my grandkids will get anything Disney as gifts this year, that's for sure.