Friday, December 2, 2016

The revolt against the elites

Fred on the election:
The election was a referendum on Marie Antoinette’s court. It was the revolt of the unnoticed downtrodden, the financially sinking, the working classes rising against  privileged snots–but it was engineered by the elites. The glittering elect of course did not say “working class,” this being a  loaded phrase redolent of Marxism and of the Democratic Party of five decades back before it became a royal court. They spoke instead of disgruntled white men, racists, homophobes, sexists, and the Islamonauseated–phobic, I meant.
As with Fred, the analysis is both spot on as well as entertaining:
The privileged worked hard for Trump. Every time they described his people as uneducated white males, implicit dregs, they drove votes to Donald. And they so described the working class unceasingly.

It made him President. Good, bad, or indifferent, it is how he got in.

The privileged denigrated all whites unlike themselves. Then Hillary made her “deplorables” speech, confirming her contempt for half of America–those uneducated, shapeless, dull-witted proles in Flyover Land, obese, farting and belching, swilling Bud, watching  NASCAR for god’s sake  in awful trailers. And why not not sneer at them? Why did Hillary need their votes? Did not Rachel Maddow love her?

For Trump it was gold, pure gold. If he had written her speech, he could not have come up with a better line to destroy her. It was the purest product of the establishment’s hubris. She did it to herself. Sweet.
This is one of Fred's best.


Roy said...

Yes, this is one of his best.

I find Fred entertaining most of the time, but he has a tendency towards the same smug condescension towards ordinary Americans as any democrat does.

Archer said...

Ask 50 political analysts, whether pros or amateurs, how Donald friggin' Trump won the Presidential election, and you'll get ~130 different answers.

"Hillary was a terrible candidate," "Americans can't bring themselves to trust Hillary," "The DNC corrupted itself colluding against Sanders," "The MSM actively spread overt lies supporting their chosen candidate and denouncing her opposition, and didn't correct when called on it," "Half of America is tired of being ignored and voted for the candidate who listened to them," "Trump surrounded himself with knowledgeable people while Hillary surrounded herself with sycophants," etc, etc, etc.

And Fred's assertion that Hillary's arrogance and derision against anyone she didn't like certainly played a part as well.

I think it was a perfect storm of all of them. No one thing made him President; it took the total sum of all of them working in his favor. With the way the campaigns were run and with all of Hillary's issues, the GOP could have nominated a root vegetable and we'd all be hailing President-elect Turnip.

matism said...

You should remember, Roy, that Fred is an Only One, and as such his tendency is towards the same smug condescension held by the REST of the Blue Wall.

And Archer, Trump only won because he was able and willing to finance his own campaign. The Rove Republican Elite swill like the Kochs poured their money into Hillary, because after all she is One World government, just like them. Anyone without Trump's resources and bravery would have been smothered. Even WITHOUT the votes by the dead and the illegal aliens.