Friday, December 23, 2016

90 years of movies Frederick, MD

The Queen Of The World and I are at the Weinberg Theater in Frederick, Maryland which is celebrating its 90th birthday by showing the first movie ever shown here. It's the silent film "The Strong Man", with a live accompaniment on the original pipe organ (as was done 90 years ago).

Right now (before the show), he's playing Christmas carols. He's very good, and the organ sounds spectacular.


drjim said...

The only event like that I've been to was the showing of the "restored version of Fritz Lang's "Metropolis" up in downtown L.A.

I can't remember which theater it was in, but it was one of (or maybe the only) theater in L.A. that had a real pipe organ in it.

Sounded amazing, and the musical accompaniment to the film was great.

Ken said...

Excellent! Closest I've been to that was a showing of "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington," at one of the theaters on Playhouse Square in downtown Cleveland.

Minecraft Chuck said...

The Ohio Theater in Columbus has a pipe organ, and has a midnight show every Halloween. The organ and organist rise up from swirling fog. He is dressed as classic, formal Dracula, then plays To attach and Fugue before the silent movie starts.

Or at least, this is what used to happen mumble years ago. Good times. I'm sorry we missed the event at the Weinberg.

Minecraft Chuck said...

Tocatta and Fugue. Autocorrupt delenda est!

Harvey Morrell said...

I saw Patton there when it first came out, back when it was called the Tivoli. Great place to see a movie.