Monday, December 12, 2016

Jeff Gordon test drive prank

A disguised Jeff Gordon takes a Camaro for a test drive with a car salesman.  Hilarity ensues.

You're an idiot and I'm going to kill you!

Well, this is the Internet, and so people started calling it a fake.  So a disguised Gordon poses as a taxi driver and gives a ride to one of the most (ahem) vocal critics.  Hilarity ensues once again.

Man, this is some funny stuff.


B said...

like 2 or more ars old, dude.

But it is funny as hell.

Borepatch said...

B, I need to get out more. ;-)

matism said...

Yes, they are oldies. But they are goodies as well. Maybe he can cut a new one next year when he co-drives the "Cadlillac" at Daytona:


Comrade Misfit said...

Too funny!