Sunday, December 18, 2016

Just between you and me, I have my doubts


Richard Blaine said...

I think it's ridiculous to think the Russians didn't hack the DNC, just like I think it's ridiculous to think they were the only ones - I imagine they were hacked by China, Israel, Iran, and Little Davy in his mom's basement.

What screwed them over was arrogance. The Lefts deeply held belief of their own intellectual superiority enhanced by living in their thick walled bubble. I don't see them getting out of it. Since Trump popped it, they've done nothing but scurry around rebuilding it. They're too intellectually dishonest to actually see a fact and not twist it to fit their perceived reality.

I think the intelligence services need to be flushed down the crapper - they've been so politicized over the last 20 years (or more) that they're completely unreliable.

I would be surprised if there was any foreign involvement in the voting process. The overwhelming majority of voter fraud will fall directly at the feet of the Democrats. (Michigan for example)

ccbpc said...

lots of lulz at this one........

Ted said...

The whole notion that somehow Putin would prefer Trump over Hillary is absurd.

With Hillary he gets someone who they already rolled with the "Canadian Uranium mine " deal, Someone who has such little regard for operational security that she had her email server in her basement with little or no firewall or basic protection. Someone who has numerous times indicated the she can be bought for a donation to her "Foundation" . ... and someone with the negotiating skills of a 20 year old first time car buyer.

So instead of backing that person they want us to believe that Putin thinks he will get a better deal from a New York Contractor who has made Billions of $ while out negotiating NY and NJ Trade Unions!!!!!