Monday, August 22, 2016

The Presidential debates from the perspective of an Internet Security guru

No, not me (I don't have guru status).  But people who do are applying those analytical techniques to the upcoming debates:
The moderators, the ones running the debate, will do their best to ask Trump the toughest questions they think of. At this point, I think their first question will be about the Kahn family, and Trump's crappy treatment of their hero son. This is one of Trump's biggest weaknesses, but especially so among military-obsessed Republicans.

And Trump's response to this will be awesome. I don't know what it will be, but I do know that he's employing some of the world's top speech writers and debate specialists to work on the answer. He'll be practicing this question diligently working on a scripted answer, from many ways it can be asked, from now until the election. And then, when that question comes up, it'll look like he's just responding off-the-cuff, without any special thought, and it'll impress the heck out of all the viewers that don't already hate him.

The same will apply too all Trump's weak points. You think the debates are an opportunity for the press to lock him down, to make him reveal his weak points once and for all in front of a national audience, but the reverse is true. What the audience will instead see is somebody given tough, nearly impossible questions, and who nonetheless has a competent answer to everything. This will impress everyone with how "presidential" Trump has become.
The persuasion techniques in play are what in the security biz are called "social engineering".  The expectation is that Trump will be displaying advanced social engineering skillz.


Old NFO said...

And Shillary will get all softballs... sigh

Ted said...

And the media will be expecting Trump to actually answer the questions whereas The Queen will be allowed to veer off into some other subject entirely and will never be asked a follow up. ( unless they need to correct her answer when she claims to be a Vietnam vet or something. )

matism said...

I wonder who the "moderators" will be. Candy Crowley? Dan Rather? Brian Williams? George Stephanopolous? Slick? Or the Muslim in Chief?