Monday, August 29, 2016

R.I.P. Gene Wilder

Thanks for all the laughs.


libertyman said...

I saw that i the theater when it came out -- still funny.
He was terrific in Silver Streak as well.
RIP Mr. Wilder

Jerry The Geek said...

Rather than to post a huge article on my own blog, I think it's more important to add my own comments about Gene Wilder here, where you have already started a theme.

I think that Gene wilder (and his band of zany idiots) is one of the comedic exemplars of the twentieth Century. He'll be missed, as was his late wife Gilda Radner. His occasional partners in mischief (including Richard Prior in Stir Crazy and Silver Streak and a bit of Dom Deluis and of course that master of mirth Mel Brooks) brought tears to my eyes every of the dozens I reran the videos ... after VHS died, I began re-purchasing the same movies on DVD. Now I have to go finish my collection.

It's sad that there will be no more "The Producers"; but after you've seen the original...

I'm sure that Nathan Lane was wonderful on the stage, but even his comedic talents paled by comparison, so in my mind the original movie was best.

Oh, and Wilder found so many wonderful talents to backstop his performance?

Look at his piece de resistance: Young Frankenstein:
Chloris Leachman, Peter Boyle, Marty Feldman, Madeline Kahn, Chroris Leachman, Teri Garr ... "Put ... The ... Candle .. BACK!".

Wilder and Brooks even had the decency to give screen credit to Mary Shelly for her original rendition of "Frankenstein"

("That's FRAWNKENSTEEN", Wilder's character protested in the opening scene.)

Mel Brooks was the producer, and Wilder was his ingenue.

Silver Streak

sorry. I've bought more movies with Gene Wilder than any other actor (well ... John Wayne) and I've watched "The Searchers" less frequently than any single Wilder movie.

You are absolutely correct to recognize the contributions of Wilder et al. And I thank you.

Now? I think I'll go downstairs and watch a movie.

ASM826 said...

I hope he and Gilda are together right now.

Eagle said...

Chief Gray Cloud: Yes or no, can your God make rain?

Avram: Yes.

Chief Gray Cloud: But he doesn't?

Avram: That's right.

Chief Gray Cloud: Why?

Avram: Because that's not his department!

Chief Gray Cloud: [in reference to Avram's god] What does he do?

Avram: He... He can do anything!

Chief Gray Cloud: Then why can't he make rain?

Avram: Because he doesn't make rain. He gives us strength when we're suffering. He gives us compassion when all that we feel is hatred. He gives us courage when we're searching around blindly like little mice in the darkness... but He does not make rain!

[Thunder and lightning begin, followed by a downpour]

Avram: Of course... sometimes, just like that (finger snap), he'll change His mind.