Monday, August 29, 2016

About Colin Kaepernick

When they say it's about the principle, it's actually about the money.

Chris Lynch has a great analysis about how Kaepernick - a backup quarterback - has created a controversy that will give him a big payday:
Kaepernick has a disastrously large contract. He signed a 6-year $114 million contract in 2014 that has $61 million guaranteed. He could have used some of that $61 million to quietly become a benefactor to so very many. Instead he's become a lightning rod, complete ingrate prick, salary cap albatross or potential season long distraction depending on your point of view.

From the San Francisco 49er's point of view this is a distraction they didn't need from a player with an almost $20 million cap hit if they cut him. For their back-up QB! And if the team cuts him there will be people who complain that it was because Chip Kelly doesn't like black people ...

I have to wonder if this is some sort of diabolical genius on the part of Kaepernick. Say if he no longer wants to play football but wants to collect all of his guaranteed money. This would be almost the perfect plan. Just sitting during the anthem isn't against the law or even team policy. Sure many people will hate him but this might be a way out of playing football and maybe even into some high paying speaking gigs for clueless kids at liberal arts colleges. I haven't seen anything this diabolical since Al Gore made millions pretending to care about global warming.
The 49ers simply cannot win now.  If they cut him there will be a huge outcry against them.  Remember, this is San Francisco, perhaps the most famously liberal area in the country.  While your typical football fan is more patriotic than the average bear, it's Silicon Valley wealthy who fill the stadium in Frisco.  They're all to the left of Karl Marx.

Or the 49ers keep him and pay him, even though he's only gone 10-14 in the last two seasons.

He's got them over a barrel, right good.


juvat said...

Overpaid Thugs!

Old NFO said...

Or dump his ass for breach of contract... I'm SURE they could find something...

ray said...

Traitorous, ungrateful spoiled brat. Like millions of others here in cry-bully Amerika.

Put the little bitch on a lettuce farm for ten years until he's fit to rejoin humanity. Assuming he ever was part of it.

BC said...

Start that little prick. Make him play every damn play in every damn game.

The line in front of him knows he is a dickhead that doesn't win games, the guys coming to get him know he is a dickhead.

I would wager he doesn't last half of one season before he goes crunch. Isn't that what the game is all about?

ray said...

Ball is snapped and the whole O line walks over and sits on the bench. After all, Colin is such a COURAGEOUS INDIVIDUALIST, unafraid to speak his mind . . . now that the
Civil Rights Movement has been over for half a century lol, and the government and media have his back.

Yep I'm sure Colon would do just fine by himself out there. Whatta braveheart.

ruralcounsel said...

Bet you the next big contract the 49er's offer has a clause that allows them to terminate for stuff like this. If they're smart.