Monday, August 1, 2016

35 years ago, video killed the radio star

On August 1, 1981 MTV broadcast its first music video.  Now, the last VCR has been produced.

Back In The Day, buddy 2cents and I demanded our MTV ...

There was a brief golden age, before people realized that music videos had to make money.  Back when people would make videos like this:

... or this, which was maybe the apogee of music video production.  Directed by actual Hollywood director John Landis (directed The Blues Brothers, American Werewolf in London, others):

But mostly when I look back on this era, I remember Big Hair.  My flaming youth, right there ...

This was back when America was winning the Cold War, is all I can say.


Unknown said...

Too bad the Dire Straights video was censored.

John of the GMA

Tacitus said...

Just tattoos. A simpler era.


Robert Fowler said...

I have a uncensored version of Money for Nothing on VHS tape. I keep it locked in a file cabinet.