Monday, August 15, 2016

Hackers say: vote early, vote often

Electronic voting machines hacked in public demo.  Candy, babies:
But for the hackers at Symantec Security Response, Election Day results could be manipulated by an affordable device you can find online.
"I can insert it, and then it resets the card, and now I'm able to vote again," said Brian Varner, a principle researcher at Symantec, demonstrating the device.
And you can hack them after voting is done, remotely.  Communications isn't encrypted, presumably because the people who designed the systems were n00bs.  And there's likely no way to tell that the system was hacked:
CBS News learned that only 60 percent of states routinely conduct audits post-election by checking paper trails. But not all states even have paper records, like in some parts of swing states Virginia and Pennsylvania, which experts say could be devastating.
Confidence is not high in the integrity of our political system.

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Unknown said...

At this point, what does it matter?

The way I see it, you guys are screwed with a capital F either way.