Thursday, March 22, 2012

Rudyard Kipling weeps

From the place where Great Britain used to be, a 14 year old girl can't buy a pancil sharpener because she's under age and it could be a "dangerous weapon".

*Face palm*

Europe and America in the 19th Century engaged in a grand experiment, where everyone who thought that Europe sucked came here and everyone who though that Europe was great stayed there.  A century later, we see the Philosopher Kings on the eastern shores of The Pond trying desperately to keep the Realm safe from the scourge of pencil sharpeners.

I guess I would say that - all my ancestors thought that Europe sucked.  Me, I like Europe fine, but I guess I know enough about the place that the whole "we should be more like Europe" brings on a giggle fit.

Not that we don't have this sort of silliness here, of course.  But it's easy to move around in the USA, and so places like Detroit and California are in Marx' final stage where the State "fades away" (this time taking the population and institutions with it, or more precisely, sending them to Texas).


Broken Andy said...

Stories like this are useful to combat the antis in this country. People don't believe things can go this far until you actually show them that the Europe they hold in high esteem has actually gone there.

ProudHillbilly said...

But let me guess - same 14 year old can get an abortion...

Bob said...

Thanks for the link, Ted. Much appreciated, as always.

Paladin said...

Hey... puts some rails and a foregrip on it an you could put someone's eye out.

'Course I could do the same with my finger, but don't tell Nanny that or they'll pass the mandatory safety mitten law.