Thursday, March 29, 2012

Random thoughts

It took some digging to find the 2009 posts from the Czar of Muscovy where he read through the entire Obamacare bill (so that you don't have to™).  Interestingly, I found some links to posts here, and some of them are pretty interesting.  I typically wait a while before tagging posts here in the "Best Posts" category, but looking back after a couple years, these probably should have been included.  Makes me wonder about my casual tagging attitude and general lack of work ethic here.

It's not often I find myself think thing "Stephen den Beste is wrong".  I'd better think about this, because I do think that he's wrong.  But I also think that he's Stephen den Beste.

While I whine about plumbing, at least I don't have someone re-plumbing my circulatory system like blogfriend Stephen.  Get well soon, buddy.  The world needs good men like you.

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