Tuesday, February 3, 2009

7 things that are legal

And awesome. Starting with flamethrowers. Just because.

Cracked.com has 7 things that they can't believe are legal. They must run with a different crowd than I do.

They also have Tannerite, for all your spring cleaning needs. Like when you really, really need to wipe the data off of that hard disk. Maybe we should get some for the next blogshoot?


doubletrouble said...

Oh yeah.

I've checked out the Tannerite, but I'm afraid I'd 'splode up the entire range & a few trees to boot.

blogger said...

Boy, howdy, I'd think so.

If you follow the link, they have pictures of some folks "disassembling" a car with the stuff.

Jay G said...


I think if you got Tannerite the impulse to blow up the MA State Marker might be too great.

Heh heh heh...

Eagle said...

This was a hilarious read, but I ended up on the floor with the comment about how hot Thermite is (something about the chuckle******g sun...)

Thanks! I NEEDED that!